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Services:1-Pianless Laser Hair Removal2-Skin Tightening(Face Lifting)3- Body Sahpe & cellulite treatment (Vela Shape II )4-Skin Rejuvenation(Photo Facial)5-Microdermabrasion6-Facial 7-Acne Treatment 8-Vascular Treatment 9- pigmentation treatment -Treatments of Sun Spots 10-Face Hair Threading 11-Botox & Filer12-Hair Services 13-Waxing 14-massage therapy-registered 15-Manicure & Pedicure 16-Paraffin bath 17-Ear candling***painless laser hair removal: Pulsed light is absorbed by melanin (a coloured pigment) present in hair during the growth stage (Anagen phase) and is then conducted down to the root of the hair. This light is turned into heat , and it is the heat that destroys the follicle and the root without any side effects. Your hair grows in cycles and only the hair that is visible can be treated . Laser and light systems treat the hair follicles in the growth cycle at the time of the treatment. Spas - Fariba Habibi - Fariba Laser Beauty Salon And Spa - painless laser hair removal,Laser Hair Removal Hair Services,Massage,Skin Care,Body Sahpe ,cellulite treatment,Skin Tightening,Skin Rejuvenation,Face Lifting,Microdermabrasion,Acne Tre FARIBA LASER BEAUTY SALON AND SPAFARIBA LASER BEAUTY SALON AND SPA297 WELDERICK ROAD EASTRICHMOND HILLONTARIOL4C 0A61 647-892-3010faribalaser.comDownload vCardfaribalaser.com