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Shiatsu Therapy provided at River clinic in Markham by Bahareh Hosseini. Acupuncture also available and provided by other practitioners.Shiatsu is a Japanese holistic form of massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using the same Meridians and Acupuncture points, finger pressure is applied on the body to bring balance back into the system. Shiatsu is done with the client fully clothed. Shiatsu is not only a form of body work/massage, but also a whole medicine in itself. It is effective for various internal conditions in addition to muskuloskeletal problems:headaches/migrainesback painneck and shoulder painsciaticawhiplashcarpal tunnel syndromethoracic outlet syndromerepetitive strain injuriesmuscle tension and spasminsomniaconstipationdigestive problemsmenstrual problemschronic fatigue syndromefibromyalgiaarthritisasthmaanxiety and depressionsports injuries Acupuncture Clinics - Bahareh Hosseini - River Clinic - Shiatsu Therapy provided at River clinic RIVER CLINICRIVER CLINIC8787 WOODBINE AVENUE. UNIT 126 (NORTH OF HWY 7)MARKHAMONTARIOL3R 9S21 905-513-68881 416-564-5456riverclinic.caDownload vCardriverclinic.ca