Psychotherapist - Ali Gholipour ,PH.D

Since 1993, I have worked extensively with a wide range of individuals wishing to feel better, wanting to cope more effectively with stress and loss, hoping to understand their relationships, identity, sexuality and gender more and wishing to move closer toward their own personal goals. Many of my clients have been individuals who were in crisis and who have experienced major trauma in their lives. Others, experience feelings of depression and anxiety and are struggling with life transitions. I have great deal of experience working with victims of torture and trauma, including physical,emotional and sexual abuse. My clients have included victims of war, loss and neglect. Since 2007, I have worked with victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents. Along with physical injuries, many people have also experienced severe anxiety, depression and experiences of loss which impact their relationship with loved ones. It is not unusual for past hardship and trauma to be reignited by an accident, especially when it affects their ability. I also have experience working with individuals who have psychiatric illnesses such as clinical depression, schizophrenic and bi-polar diagnoses.I hold a Ph.D in middle Eastern Studies, social anthropology. have thought in the middle East,Europe and Canada for over thirty yeras Psychotherapists-Etc. - Ali Gholipour ,Ph.D - Psychotherapist - PSYCHOTHERAPISTPSYCHOTHERAPIST600 SHERBOURNE STREET SUITE 511TORONTOONTARIOM4X 1W41 416-993-6998psychodynamiccanada.orgDownload
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