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• Atlas Sokhangoo Inc. is well known for producing the latest unparalleled high-tech digital dictionaries. This company provides incredible capabilities in the domain of software and hardware digital dictionaries.• Feasibility research and initial design of “Atlas Dictionary” began in early 2000. The aim was including “Farsi- English” and “English-Farsi” in the Atlas.• Regarding the previous limited capabilities of Atlas Dictionaries and the consumers’ growing demand for a multi-lingual digital dictionary.• After manufacturing SD990P and AT3000 voiced Atlas Dictionaries, the company decided to upgrade the information of its previous dictionaries as well as design a new version- SD590P. Translation - Tooraj Mozaffari - Atlas Sokhangoo Inc. - ATLAS SOKHANGOO INC.ATLAS SOKHANGOO INC.6091A YONGE STREET 2ND FLOORTORONTOONTARIOM2M 3W21 647-449-10201-866-357-9897647-346-8060motarjemjibi.comDownload vCardmotarjemjibi.com00
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